Episode #84: Daze Aghaji on the Power of Love to Create Change


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In this episode, I chat with a young leader who got me excited and optimistic about the future. Daze Aghaji is a climate justice, regeneration & well-being activist with a fascinating story and a skill at delivering it. You are in for a real treat with this interview, as. Daze shares how growing up with an awareness of climate change has shaped her and Generation Z. We talk about how climate change is not the issue, but, rather, toxic systems are - and climate change is just a by-product of them. She shares her own story, as someone who is disrupting, innovating and inspiring change, leading by example and showing the impact young people can have in demanding serious action on climate change.

Daze is a multi-faceted talent and climate activist from London who focuses on regenerative culture intersectionality; radical social justice and youth political engagement in her work. She herself lives with intersectionality as a black woman, a daughter of immigrants from Nigeria and as a professional who grew up in poverty.

In 2019, (before the pandemic took off), she was the youngest candidate to stand in the European parliamentary election. Daze’s advocacy for racial systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities, NGOs and grassroots changemakers around the world. She has strong ties with the climate movement, Extinction Rebellion, and she's currently a creative director at Earthrise Studios, which is an environmentally focused media company, as well as a consultant for a variety of NGOs. She's also an artist in residence at Vitalogy, and a monthly contributor to Sky TV's climate show. She gave a TEDx talk in 2021 that I loved was about how we're going to solve climate change. Stay tuned for her inspiring story and so much more.

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