Episode #82: Betsy by Herself on Loving All Parts of Yourself


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In this solo episode I 'think out loud' about what has been coming up for me during a time of stress and anxiety, as I transition from one stage of life to the unknown of the next. Prompted by a recent podcast episode by Shaman Durek on 'witnessing all parts of ourselves,' I ask myself and you, the listener, questions like:

  • What do you default to when you're anxious?
  • What parts of your shadow side does stress bring up to be recognised and healed?
  • How can you treat the parts of yourself you DON'T love the way you would a small child who's just learning a skill, instead of punishing that part?

I then tell you what I intend to do instead to interrupt my narrative, my perfectionist tendencies and my meanness to myself when my current stress brings up things I want to stuff down or punish. I take you through a process I teach (and will be practicing more), based on the science of building habits (because we all function the same way on this) to mindfully recognise, interrupt, practice (think or act differently) and reset our shadowy narratives and habits.

So settle yourself in and listen to me process out loud. I hope this is helpful for you too, as you hear my very real, very current process. It's uncomfortable for me to go through, and to share publicly, but that's my own Discomfort Practice and I welcome you to share yours with me on social media or by contacting me at Betsy@betsy-reed.com! Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a 5-star and written review on this podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts. It helps me to reach new listeners and, hopefully, to reach someone on exactly the right day with exactly what they needed to hear. Let me know what you think of this episode and others!

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