How to Be Lean... And Eat Chocolate Every Day With Brad Kearns


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Brad Kearns is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record setting professional Speedgolfer, #1 ranked USA age 55-59 high jumper, and former US national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete.
And... wait for it... he eats chocolate EVERY DAY. Perfect! Today we learn how an elite athlete can stay in top physical shape while indulging in a guilty pleasure, something many nutritionists don't think is possible.
Listen in as I interview Brad about everything to do with his chocolate obsession, including:
-The details on how he accomplishes such an amazing feat
-Things to know (and avoid) when buying chocolate
-How to savor chocolate like a wine connoisseur
-Brad's favorite brands and where to buy them
-Brad's new dietary MO. It may surprise you, it did me!
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