EPISODE 175: Things Your Upline Tells You…


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Today we are talking about ten things your upline tells you that are wrong! Please for the love of God - that is our theme of the day, don’t do these ten things. What is the craziest advice you’ve been given? I want to hear yours, message me, let's get in touch!

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • Ten things Your Upline Tells you that are WRONG:
    • Go for the no!
    • Anyone and everyone is your ideal customer/teammate.
    • Have a CTA (Call to Action) on everything you do.
    • Send out 100 mailers in hopes that 10 say yes.
    • Reach out to all of your Facebook Friends.
    • Parties are the only way to grow your business and rank up.
    • Post 5-8 times a day in our Facebook VIP group.
    • Don’t invest in training outside of the company.
    • Friend request your friend’s friends on Facebook.
    • Send 15 cold messages a day.
  • Your CTA should NOT be business related. It's so important to make sure your CTA isn’t business related. This helps create engagement.
  • If your upline is asking you to do spammy things - No, red flag! This is not how you grow a sustainable business - this is not how we change the network marketing business.
  • Listen to your gut - there is a difference in being uncomfortable when listening to your gut and being uncomfortable because it's spammy. Do what feels right.
  • It's not true that you have to beat the algorithms to grow your business - there are so many other ways.
  • This is a relationship industry we are in. It's about relationships and serving. It's about helping people who need help, not the ones not interested and that don’t need your help. Focus on serving those who want your help.
  • The more bad strategies we allow to continue the harder it will be to grow your team because it magnifies the negativity in this industry.
  • This industry is incredible, there is so much potential for personal growth. Girl, I'm here to amplify the beautiful things. Lets stop with the negative things
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