EPISODE 144: An Alternative to Facebook Parties with Julie Godshall


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In today’s episode, I’m talking to Julie Godshall all about the next wave of trunk shows/Facebook parties through her Direct Sales On Demand Method.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Facebook parties aren’t always the right fit for you or your hostesses.
  • A new way of partying online (hint, hint, Julie has the answer)!
  • What exactly is Direct Sales On Demand Method
    • It really is a method for customers to sign up, learn more, and then connect directly with the seller (on their own time!)
    • Inviting Phase: Hostess provides a form for possible guests to sign up and then the Seller sends a presentation website to the invitees.
    • Engagement Phase: Seller reaches out and introduces themselves and shares details about the business.
    • Wrap up: The hostess and seller tag team guests who maybe haven’t watched the presentation and let them know the doors are closing soon and offer to answer any questions.
  • Why thinking out of the box serves others and is an encouragement to the direct selling community.

About Julie:

Julie's mission is to help time-strapped solopreneurs to find more joy and efficiency in their work, so they can avoid burn-out and find more joy in their businesses. She is the creator and teacher of a new way to run your direct sales parties or referral programs off of Facebook, called Direct Sales On Demand. Her On Demand party method is giving time freedom to 1,300 (and counting) direct sellers through a fresh, scalable, and connecting approach. She offers both education and done-for-you design services, so that everyone can level up. Julie wants you to spend less time messing with tech, admin, and those pesky Facebook algorithms, and more time connecting with your audience and your why, so you can maximize your impact, income, and joy in your business. Julie lives in Madison, WI with her husband Jon, and their kids Timothy and Christina.


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