Does Web3 Matter for Marketers? With Mandy McEwen and the team from Affiliate Dao


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What is Web3, and how will it affect digital marketing?

On today's episode, host Mandy McEwen sits down with Cole Chapman, John Daniels, and Randall Zamcheck to discuss Web3 and the future of affiliate marketing. The trio are the brains behind Affiliate DAO and are on a mission to help affiliates transition from Web2 to Web3.

So, why should marketers care about Web3? First, the internet is evolving down a decentralized path. Web3 will increase personal privacy, and so marketers must learn how to develop targeted ads without the help of third-party data.

Tune in to learn how Web 3.0 will change affiliate marketing as we know it - and the changes you can make to pivot your marketing and social strategies in preparation for Web3.


  • The evolution of the Web
  • The future of digital marketing with Web3
  • Tokenized communities and how Web3 will disrupt social media
  • Mistakes marketers make when launching NFTs
  • How to create a Web3 revenue stream
  • Pros and cons of being early technology adopters
  • Preparing your agency for Web3 marketing
  • How affiliate marketers can transition from Web2 to Web3



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