Ode to Taylor Strecker - Food Obsession and Dieting


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This episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, features my absolute FAVORITE podcast celebrity, Taylor Strecker of the The Taylor Strecker Show and Taste of Taylor. I first discovered Taylor on Sirius and I now subscribe to her show on Patreon where I pay for VIP access, in order to see all the "behind the scenes" videos of her private life.
There are SO many things I love about Taylor, but one of my favorite things she discusses, is her diet and weight loss journey. Not only do I love to hear about her diet and weight loss efforts, for example the insanely restrictive "medi-fast" ALL protein diet she did right before her wedding (TORTURE!) but I also love when she talks about the delicous "naughty" food she splurges on when she's being "bad." (I put the words "naughty" and "bad" in quotes, because those are words that the intuitive eating movement is trying to get us away from, but those of us who are #dietobsessed still tend to use them.)
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Taylor, you can tune into her free weekly podast, Taste of Taylor, to get an idea of what she's all about and even if you've never heard her show, if you love listening to discussions on: diet, weightloss and food obsession, you will love this episode. Enjoy!

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