E215: The Mindset Doctor: The Secret Man Behind The World's Top Performers: Steve Peters


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Do you control your emotions or do your emotions control you? Has the irrational parts of your consciousness ever hijacked your logical mind? Have you ever wanted to understand how to overcome these thoughts in order to become the person you always wanted to be?

This is exactly what Professor Steve Peters has helped people from all areas of life to achieve. He has worked with everyone from psychiatric patients to elite athletes. His classic book, ‘The Chimp Paradox’, has helped to change thousands of lives. In this enlightening conversations Professor Peters uncovers the ways that our mind is often at odds with itself, the psychological tricks used by Olympians to achieve gold, and the toll it takes upon the psychologists helping their patients through their trauma.


  • Your professional Bio and experiences
  • What are you doing for these athletes?
  • Figuring out what your beliefs are
  • How do I manage my emotions?
  • Why do we find it hard to apologies
  • Why acceptance is so important
  • What role does trauma play in our reactions
  • Dealing with low self esteem
  • Where would you start with dealing with low self esteem
  • Do we choose what we believe?
  • How do you deal with your emotions?
  • Exercising your chimp
  • How we form habits Realtionships
  • Your book
  • The last guest question


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