E212: Derren Brown: UNLOCK The Secret Power Of Your Mind!


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Predicting the lottery, playing Russian roulette on live TV and tricking people into robbing a security van in broad daylight. These are just a few of the stunts that Derren Brown has performed in over 20 years of pushing the boundaries of the believable.

But while he may be best known for controlling minds, one he couldn’t control was his own. From battling with issues of self esteem, faith and coming to terms with his sexuality, Derren’s path to success has been one that is both internal and in the limelight.

In this intimate conversation with Britain’s alternative national treasure, Derren breaks the magician’s code and reveals his secrets, as well as the psychological tricks we play on ourselves and hold us back from our true potential.


  • Early years
  • Shame, being in control and coming out
  • Self-hate, believes & insecurities
  • Journey into hypnosis & magic
  • Is the supernatural real?
  • What made you successful?
  • Goal setting & adversity
  • Love
  • Are you happy?
  • Your show
  • Last guest’s question


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