E196: Peter Crouch Opens Up About His Dark Times & Crying Himself To Sleep


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Peter Crouch is a legend both on and off the football pitch. Capped 42 times for England, he is one of the few players to have scored 100 or more Premier League goals. Since retirement he has further cemented his role as a cheeky national treasure with his role as a football pundit and host of That Peter Crouch Podcast.

But few up to now have seen the man behind the persona. It was childhood bullying and taunts about his height that helped to shape the down to earth man that audiences love today. Using this abuse as his fuel and motivation, he made sure that he let his actions on the pitch do the talking to prove his critics wrong.

This conversation explores his path and drive to footballing greatness, as well as his acknowledgement of the characteristics that led a select few of his teammates from great to legendary. He is a walking example of the benefits and rewards of staying true to yourself, keeping self-perspective and self-awareness, and the benefits of trying to be a good role model.


  • Early years
  • Learning that you were different
  • Your parents
  • Why did certain people make and it and others didn’t
  • The pressure of being a high level football player
  • Dealing with fan booing you
  • Turning to drink
  • 6 clubs before the age of 25
  • Players not enjoying themselves
  • What do you think of Liverpool now?
  • What made a really good manager
  • What made a bad manager
  • the best manager you played for
  • Your thoughts on Ronaldo
  • Keeping respect as a manager
  • The end of your football career
  • Balance
  • Your podcast
  • Your mental health
  • Crouch fest
  • Your goal now
  • The last guests question


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