The Devil's Music 53: Jeff Smith


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Jeff Smith is the founder and singer of the legendary Texas cow punk band The Hickoids. Beloved cult favorites with a rabid following, The Hickoids have been around for almost four decades, playing their singular blend of hallucinogenic-soaked western style insanity and releasing countless records on various labels. Now that things have opened up, The Hickoids are touring again. In this episode hostess Pleasant Gehman and Jeff talk about wild shenanigans in the 1980’s Texas punk scene; rowdy Everclear soaked parties, and drag racing-which is not what the listener might think. Jeff also tells anecdotes about opening for The Butthole Surfers, a police raid at Tex And The Horseheads’ Hollywood band house, and that time the band thoroughly embarrassed Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth...not to mention the trend of men faking orgasms.

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