Episode 253 - CAD/CAM Dentistry with Dr. Chip Parrish


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On this episode we sit down with Dr. Chip Parrish from Llano, Texas: he practices with his wife Dr. Jennifer Parrish in the heart of the beautiful Texas hills country. Parrish Dentistry provides most types of dental treatment from orthodontics to endodontics, implant dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. In their almost twenty years of practice, Dr. Chip and Dr. Jennifer have experience in most every type and style of dental practice management. Dr. Chip has published hundreds of patien-friendly dental articles and has put on training seminars for dental industry teams, primary care physicians, and dental office team members. Dr. Chip is or has been associated with the AGD, ADA, IAO, ICOI, and AAID. Both doctors have trained at LVI, Spear, UTHSCA, Rondeau Seminars, CR Foundation, and a variety of continuing education dental leaders.

This is a long episode, but if you are considering switching from VPS to a digital impressioning system, listen to the end it's packed with clinical tips!

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