#61: Free Training: How To Generate More Referrals


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Referrals are hands down the best types of new patients out there.
Referred patients tend to

  • trust you more
  • negotiate less on price
  • remain patients longer
  • accept treatment more easily
  • cost less to acquire as new patients
  • and refer other people to your practice

But for most practices, they don’t have any sort of formalized system for generating referrals.
They simply try to provide the best experience they can...and then hope and pray that referrals come their way.
Join us as we dive into how one office ‘cracked the code’ on referrals and generated 584 referrals in just 12 months.
Generating referrals can be orchestrated.
You don’t have to sit around and hope that they will happen. And following these strategies can help you consistently increase your referrals.
Click the link below to register:
You can also receive CE credit for attending.

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