#59: Finding Influencers on Instagram with Lynn Smargis


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Influencers. They are all over the place. From national influencers with 250K+ followers to micro-influencers that dominate your local scene, they seem to be taking over.
So, how do you tap into that power? How can you find and collaborate with an influencer to grow your practice?
Enter Lynn Smargis, founder of Write For You, to share her secrets of Influencer Management.
In this interview, Lynn & I dive into questions like:

  • Why you should use an influencer?
  • What types of promotions can you use an influencer for?
  • How do you go about finding an influencer? (Lynn shares 6 steps)
  • Best way to approach an influencer

Tune in! You're going to love it.
About Lynn Smargis
Lynn is an author, podcast producer, and content creator fond of writing, traveling, and exploring new places. She has a ubiquitous background in creative production, podcasting and marketing. Lynn's passion and ardor are directed towards producing and developing original content, social media, ghostwriting, and podcast production for other creatives and business owners.

Website: https://www.writeforyou.me

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