#57: Promoting Your Practice On LinkedIn with Dr. Angela Mulrooney


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LinkedIn? For my dental practice? Oh, yes. And Dr. Angela Mulrooney joins me on the show to break down how it's all done 🔥
This is a topic I've wanted to discuss for a LONG time. But I needed to find the right guest, and Dr. Angela is just what I was looking for. Not only does she have an incredible story (she shares it right at the beginning), but also has the experience and insight to help other practices follow in her footsteps.
Here's what we dive into:

  • Why LinkedIn?
  • How you can find more of your top patients on LinkedIn
  • How to get started / What to post / How often

Plug in the earbuds and let's get started!
About Dr. Angela Mulrooney
Unleashing Influence: www.unleashinginfluence.com
Overnight, she went from being a well-known dentist to skidding across rock-bottom – losing everything after sustaining a career-ending injury that killed her ability to practice. She needed to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up… again.
So she rebranded herself as a business coach for entrepreneurs. Her comeback story and the authenticity of how she presented herself in building that new brand was noticed by other professionals. Professionals started asking her to help them to figure out how they too could unleash their authentic personal brands on social media, and so, Unleashing Influence was born.
Angela and her team, now work with professionals in small businesses to entrepreneurs in massive corporations to get them noticed as the go-to expert of their industry while maintaining their authenticity. You can be the most talented professional in the world, but what if no one knows you exist? Angela and her team ensure that never happens to you.

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