#54: How To Navigate Dental Practice Transitions with Bill Barrett & Justin Baumann


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If you are thinking of buying, selling, or merging your practice then this episode is for you.
Whether this is your first deal if you've been through this before, this interview will help you navigate the transition process in the most successful way possible.
Joining me on the show are two people who have assisted in more than 1,000 practice transitions:
Bill Barrett: CEO of law firm Mandelbaum Salsburg, co-chair of the National Dental Law Center, and author of the book 'Buy, Sell, Merge'.
Justin Baumann: Practice transition expert for DDSmatch, representing the seller as the team leader, coordinating efforts with valuation specialists, attorneys, & accountants to create the best transition possible.
Here's just a taste of what we touch on in this episode:

  • The pitfalls of 'going it alone' or using a family friend with little or no experience in the dental industry
  • Mission critical due diligence that should take place
  • Practice Evaluation: what's your practice really worth?
  • How to plan for a successful transition in the future

You may not be involved in a transition right now. It may not even be on your radar. But you will still want to carefully review this episode so you know what steps you should be taking for when it's time to sell or make a change!
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Bill's book - Buy, Sell, Merge
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