#51: Are You Charging The Right Fees? w/ KJ Jordan


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Are you charging the right fees? This one strategy has an enormous impact on your practice profitability.
In this episode, I'm joined by KJ Jordan, revenue analyst extraordinaire for Benco Dental, and we tackle this topic head on.
Specifically, we dive into:

  • The fact that you are NOT competing with dentist down the road, but with Disney World and the house addition/makeover
  • How do you know if you are charging the right amount?
  • What type of impact can this have on my practice?
  • Why should I update my fees when PPOs decide what I will be reimbursed? (Did you know that ADA codes are updated, deleted, and added EVERY year??)

You are going to love this! Tune in and take notes.
Contact KJ Jordan to learn more about a Revenue Analysis Consultation: kj8713@benco.com
Benco Dental: https://www.benco.com/

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