#46: Why Your Online Reputation Matters with Angela Byrnes


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Does your online reputation (reviews, social media, listings) actually reflect your patient experience?
For a lot of practices, that answer is 'no.' This causes friction for prospective patients and makes it harder for them to schedule an appointment.
In this episode, I talk with Angela Byrnes, Director of Client Services for Roadside Dental Marketing, about the critical aspects of online reputation. We dive into common challenges and questions such as:

  • How do reviews influence potential patients?
  • How does online reputation affect your SEO and visibility?
  • Which platforms should you focus on for patient reviews?

Living in a digital-first world, online reputation plays a big part of your overall marketing strategy. Tune in and take notes :)
About Angela Byrnes
Angela Byrnes loves practicality and efficiency and works to pair client goals with simple solutions. Before Roadside, Angela devoted 23+ years to the dental industry, leading high production at multi-doctor practices. Eventually, she honed in on her passion for practice management and consulting, and naturally gravitated toward Roadside due to their specialization in dental marketing.

In her years with Roadside, Angela has helped transcend all previous profit margins at rates her clients have never thought possible! She problem-solves intimidating challenges with interactive, easy, and rewarding action plans. Simply put, Angela loves to share her marketing knowledge, tools, and expertise to help dentists grow their practices!
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