Episode 83 - Jared Duckett and Bill Ladd on Dental Practice Acquisition and Ownership Strategies


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Jared Duckett and Bill Ladd are CPAs, partners and co-founders of Duckett Ladd, LLP, a dental-focused accounting firm serving dentists nationwide. In this episode, the Amigos chat with Jared and Bill about the business and financial steps dentists should consider when preparing to transition into practice ownership, while owing a practice and then when they’re ready to transition out of practice ownership. Since the process can be quite overwhelming, Jared and Bill have formed, in their words, a “6 phase approach” to tackling the dental practice ownership world. Phases 1-3 are considered the ‘pre-acquisition stages’, meaning, what to think of before investing time and money into an office space and/or a practice. Phase 4 concerns what needs to be addressed once a dentist has acquired a practice. Phase 5 is geared towards making sure the practice is growing and profitable. Lastly, Phase 6 concerns considerations when they are ready to sell the dental practice. Listeners who want to reach Jared can do so at jduckett@duckettladd.com and those who want to reach Bill can do so at wladd@duckettladd.com or visit their website at https://duckettladd.com/ to learn more about their firm. Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at Paul@DentalNachos.com and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so at Rob@RMontgomery-Law.com.

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