Former UFC Title Challenger Nate Quarry Interview & Deep Dive Into UFC Anti-Trust Lawsuit, Ali-Expansion Act & a Fighters Union


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Nick Interviews Former UFC Middleweight Title Challenger, Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Alum, & "Zombie Cage Fighter" graphic novel author Nate Quarry. They talk about Nate growing up as a Jehovah's Witness. His transition into becoming an MMA fighter, his fighter mentallity. They talk about Nate's time on the Ultimate Fighter Season 1 & how it changed the sport. They go through some of Nate's memorable fights & he talks about how those battles went down. They talk about Nate's journey into creating "Zombie Cage Fighter" graphic novel series that is being released soon. They take a mini Deep Dive into The UFC Anti-Trust lawsuit that Nate is a big part of, his efforts to get the Ali-Expansion Act passed to include MMA & the idea of a fighters Union. Nate & Nick also discuss their shared political views relating to Democratic Socialism & the evils of Capitilism in the U.S.

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