Episode 68 - Anti-Green Democrats Rigged NC Senate Race?


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North Carolina Senate candidate Matthew Hoh is enduring an all out attack from the Democratic Party to get him off the ballot. Why? Because he's running as a Green Party candidate. He got more than enough signatures, but the state wont certify them. And Hillary Clinton's lawyer is involved in a cold-calling campaign in which agents representing themselves as Green Party members are trying to get people to remove their names from the ballot petition. It's a mess, but Hoh-- a former Marine with big-time anti-interventionist credentials, isn't given up. On today’s Bad Faith, he was joined by 2016 Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein to discuss the barriers Greens face, and why they should have the full support of the left. Can you ever support a Dem again? Download the Callin app for iOS and Android to listen to this podcast live, call in, and more! Also available at callin.com

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