NFL Weekend Wrap With NFL Analyst Ray Rauth, Can We Celebrate Dumb Peoples Deaths & Spies Like Us With Mubin Shaikh


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#Bills lost to the #Patriots in the Monday nighter that's to Pats QB Mac Jones going 2-3 for 19 yards. Are the Bills turning into the Bills again? NFL analyst Ray Rauth joins us to blow Bill Belichick #Anti-vaxxers are putting A LOT of bad things in their bums. Like Johann from Austria who died after hooping a PILE of bleach. Do we need to start celebrating these deaths? Security intelligence and counter terrorism operative Mubin Shaikh joins us from a undisclosed location to discuss his new podcast Spies Like Us two real former spies talking real issues, sharing real stories. Mubin also dives into the religion and the mind of an antivaxxer.

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