Chris Sky Was Arrested In A Build A Bear And He's Not Leaving Jail, Antivaxxer Urine Therapy, Bondzee Pukes Live On The Show & CFL Fights


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#ChrisSky has run out of lives. We're reporting live from Edmonton (Loc's basement) as Pissy Chrissy learns his fate after getting arrested on MULTIPLE outstanding warrants during his maskless shopping trip at #WestEdmontonMall #Antivaxxers are now drinking pee and putting it in their eyes instead of getting vaccinated. Ashley from the Sheeple Shepherd podcast infiltrates MLM groups and the "URINE THERAPY" MLM group is a great big pee-drinking mess. We break down the practice and offer psychiatric help. The #JEDI Jimmy Podcast launches this week and Jimmy joins us to talk about what it's all about!

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