Omicron Variant Full Breakdown With Ryan Imgrund, Ryan Lindley Is Back From His Near Death Experience & Mark Slapinski Is A Russian Asset


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-@imgrund joins us to break down the new VERY contagious Omicron variant, how we can stop the spread and what we know The Maple Syrup Cartel Strikes Again! Lindley is alive and well and takes us through his traumatic past week Mark Slapinski update, we believe he is a Russian asset ( seriously ) Brought to you by and his GITCH. Use promo code GITCH 3 for your free pair of GITCH. is AI for content producers. It's free to try and you're dumb if you don't use it. These cats get you free financing for vehicle purchases and they are masters of credit. They make everything easy when buying a car. It's turn-key and there's no obligation!

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