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Natu helped over 200 real estate investors and business buyers raise a collective $200m for their new funds and acquisitions over the last two years. After Natu helped his first client create an investment bank in Canada, he founded Raises.com (a brand valued at hundreds of thousands) which helps people swiftly create complex private equity funds at lower cost, then secure investor funding. Notable Raises.com client (Christopher Goodman, former Wells Fargo investment banker) created a $100m real estate investment trust and obtained investor capital commitments in less than a few weeks in working with Raises.com, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in unneeded set up costs. Raises.com client Danny Frye set up a $50m fund to acquire hotels in South Carolina in under 2 weeks, and raised the first $1m within a month with Raises.com after fixing his sales process. Another client, (Abdiel Louis, and his team, former JP Morgan directors) created a $100m fund and a $75m real estate fund within a month of using the Raises.com platform.
Natu also runs subsidiary Raises.com Securities Inc., making him one of Canada’s youngest to have all the proficiency requirements to set up a registered broker dealer (investment bank, or exempt market dealer) from scratch, and own 100% of the firms. Half of the Raises.com client base, being African American, are drawn to Natu’s African-Canadian background, giving hope for a future of more equal representation in the high finance space. For fun, Natu lifts weights, and can deadlift over 780lbs. He uses that energy to solve his client’s problems in today’s traditional investment banking landscape. Ultimately, Raises.com’s vision is to democratize investment banking for everyone.

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