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The Day Everything Changed is an audio drama about two broken families navigating through a post-apocalyptic world threatened by "sick" and other deadly scavengers in search of sanctuary.

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Created, written and edited by Lane Fortenberry.

Season 1 Starring: Jessica Packard, Jasmine Anderson, Joseph Paz, Jillian Belrose, Eva De Guelle, Allison Stanford, Lucia McMahon, Allisa Hall, Marissa Falsone, Channing Miller, Danial Khan and Chris Alello

Season 2 Starring: Jasmine Anderson, Jillian Belrose, Benjamin Glassman, Zoraya Leyva, Allisa Hall, Jaiden Compuesto, Carter Peterson, Wallis Brown and Channing Miller

Music: Calob Broussard and Mikal Gay

Sound effects obtained from, and

Special thanks to our Season 1 Kickstarter contributors:

Prime Supporters: Kevin and Michelle Nichols, Robert and Marsha Nichols, Gary and Stella Beard, Derek Bennefield and Alex Summers

Main Supporters: Susan and Carlos Reyes, LaRue Latham, Ron Fortenberry, and Phil and Jordan Fountain

Big Supporters: Aaron Nichols, Celestina Amigo and Travis Odom

Supporter: Rhonda Fortenberry

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