#255: Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Wealth, Love, & Energy


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Sebastian Ghiorghiu is a 23-year-old entrepreneur. In the past five years, he has transformed his body, brain, and wallet. He has built his following on YouTube from 0 to over 560,000+ subscribers. In this interview, Sebastian talked about how he mended his relationship with his mother, what happened when he went viral on TikTok, and how he started loving himself.


(0:00) Getting Started

(4:01) Past 3 Years

(7:30) Girlfriend

(10:21) YouTube Channel

(12:45) Life Fulfillment

(17:38) Setting Goals

(21:27) Designing

(24:20) Limiting Beliefs

(27:22) Viral TikTok Video

(35:04) Energy Management

(36:53) Gamechanger Moment

(38:10) Privacy

(44:38) Being A Light

(49:13) Game Respects Game

(53:04) Living The Best Possible Life

(58:15) Education

(1:02:35) Get Rich

(1:06:55) Admiring Attributes

(1:11:00) Sticking To Your Word

(1:17:20) Loving Yourself

(1:27:02) Dark Period

(1:36:10) Parenthood

Sebastian's YouTube – @Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian's Twitter – https://twitter.com/cbassg16

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