#254: Neville Medhora – Happiness, The Future, & Early Blogging Days


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Neville Medhora is a copywriter, course creator, and pioneer of online blogging. In this episode, we spoke about his unusual thoughts on death, how he wrote his little book on copywriting, where the future is going, and his lack of adversity.

(0:00) Early Blogging

(4:25) Twitter Party

(7:03) The Future

(9:43) Happiness

(18:01) Death

(21:31) Hack Your Brain

(30:30) Copywriting Book

(32:32) Copywriting Course

(39:25) Future Of Tech

(42:39) Lex Fridman/Elon Musk

(47:20) Anti-Inflation Kit

(54:00) Dying

(59:06) Adversity

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/NevMed

Blog – https://www.nevblog.com/

Course – https://copywritingcourse.com/

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