#252: Nick Gray – How To Make Friends As An Adult


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Nick Gray is a professional party creator. Yeah, that exists. After two multi-million dollar exits, Nick started writing articles on his blog, sending out a free monthly friends newsletter, and hosting great small parties. Then, he got so good at it... that he wrote a book on it.

In this conversation, we focused on how the best way to make friends as an adult is to host great cocktail parties (that don't have to involve alcohol).

(0:00) Who Is Nick?

(2:14) Why?

(3:55) Nick’s College Startup

(6:33) Hosting Parties

(8:11) Advanced Parties?

(18:08) Icebreakers

(24:23) Social Anxiety

(26:01) Cocktails?

(35:20) Little Known Tricks

(39:40) 500-1K Person Event

(40:35) Creating Deep Connections

(44:20) Starting Business

(48:18) Creating Online

(56:01) Guesting At Parties

(1:02:01) Closing Words


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Blog: https://nickgray.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nickgraynews/

Book: https://party.pro/book/


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