#238: Tiago Forte [VIDEO] – A Life of Creativity, Teaching, & Service


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Tiago Forte is the creator of Building a Second Brain. Originally an online cohort-based course on using digital notetaking to transform your life, it has now turned into a book.

Tiago himself called this "one of the deepest interviews he's done."

In this conversation, we spoke about where Tiago's background in teaching, his inspiration to dream big, why he's sought out danger in his own life, how to interview your family, tips for a Vipassana retreat, why it's important to help today, and much more.

(0:00) Intro

(0:36) The power of meetup

(3:00) Tiago’s first entrance into teaching

(5:31) Helping to your days

(7:02) Ukraine

(9:00) “We’re so comfortable here”

(12:10) Dangerous neighborhoods creating better communities

(18:55) Venkatesh Rao’s endorsement

(21:02) Endorsing other people

(24:08) Education vs. entertainment

(30:40) What inspires Tiago to dream big?

(32:32) Tiago adopting Neurolink?

(33:58) Documentary about Dad (I was 10 times more present)

(37:12) How to interview family?

(39:43) How much does raising a child teach you about yourself?

(41:30) Breaking down with tears on a plane

(46:55) The growth of more in touch with feelings

(51:02) Opening up your vagus nerve

(56:30) Tips for Vipassana retreat

(59:41) Tiago on Twitter vs. Tiago in real life

(1:02:11) “To have profound insights, you need a quiet mind”

(1:04:06) How do we get better at applying what we capture?

(1:05:39) “Don’t trust anyone over 35 who doesn’t have kids giving life advice”

(1:08:42) How does access to large datasets impact decisions?

(1:12:38) What is Lindy?

(1:13:08) Focus on quantity, not quality

(1:19:28) Why do we feel shame around sharing our work?

(1:21:10) We look down upon manufacturing for no reason

(1:27:13) “Email is the elephant in the room of modern productivity”

(1:30:15) “We’re internet people”

(1:33:01) Creators are being too strategic

(1:35:50) Learning patience

(1:38:01) Outro

Building a Second Brain (book): https://www.amazon.com/Building-Second-Brain-Organize-Potential/dp/1982167386

Tiago's Twitter: https://twitter.com/fortelabs

Tiago's Website: https://fortelabs.co/

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