#233: Jay Alderton [VIDEO] – How To Be Comfortable With Discomfort


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Jay Alderton is a fitness business coach. He has previously served in the military, competed in bodybuilding competitions, and been a fitness coach. In this conversation, we spoke about building self-awareness, the mistake of intellectualizing everything, why you should focus on impact over income, and much more.

The video version of this episode is available on Spotify and YouTube.

(0:00) Happy Birthday Jay

(2:43) Building self-awareness

(5:02) What can we do to better love ourselves?

(7:41) The mistake of “intellectualization”

(10:15) Health, Wealth, Productivity, and Connectivity

(15:11) Thursday at the spa

(21:45) What to do when feeling miserable

(25:37) Running 2 marathons without training

(29:33) How to best be comfortable with discomfort

(34:30) Why don’t we learn?

(39:23) Day 29 of cold showers

(43:01) How to be a great speaker

(46:31) Impact over income

(50:51) Jay’s final closing words

Jay on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jayalderton/

Jay on TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@jayalderton

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