#225: Andrew Murnane – The Illusion of Duality


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Andrew Murnane is a creator. He's built a following of more than 680,000 people in just two years.

In this conversation, we spoke about how Eckhart Tolle impacted his journey, how the dualistic world, the reactions from his friends and family to his new version, his breaks from social media, and much more.

(0:00) Welcome Andrew

(0:34) Power of Now

(3:23) What did Andrew change as a result of reading the book?

(5:29) What’s been the reaction to this new version of Andrew?

(8:10) Why Andrew starting putting out content

(11:03) The recording that changed Andrew’s life

(13:08) Where does the negative voice come from?

(16:43) Breaks from social media

(23:03) Who are Andrew’s heroes?

(27:40) The Illusion of Duality

(37:39) How beliefs take you away from the recognition that you are everything

(43:45) Andrew’s experience with mushrooms

(50:03) How mushrooms impacts identity

(57:45) The movement of Awakening

(1:00:41) Similarities between mushrooms and Bitcoin

(1:02:13) What practices can help us get closer to ourselves?

(1:05:43) Connecting with Andrew Murnane

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