#223: Eric Zimmer – Self-Love: The Prevention & Treatment For Depression?


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Eric Zimmer is the creator and host of The One You Feed Podcast, where Eric interviews authors, thought leaders, spirituals teachers, and other experts. He also was a heroin addict who is now a behavior coach. In this conversation, we spoke about self-love, behavior change, meditation, and experiencing Oneness.

(0:50) Why is trust something Eric and his spiritual advisor talk about?

(2:47) Why is Eric attracted to questions about meaning?

(4:21) God

(10:06) “Self-love is the prevention and treatment for depression”

(12:45) What are ways to practice more self-love?

(16:45) Why do negative thought patterns exist?

(18:26) Social media’s role?

(19:48) Nonprofit for disadvantaged children

(23:23) From helping to heroin

(29:12) What we can we do to help tackle addiction better in the future?

(33:04) What separates those who make change?

(37:25) How do you get someone to change?

(40:30) Meditation (and the Default Mode Network)

(45:43) Experiencing Oneness

(55:15) Where do you get fuel from?

(59:40) Before life and afterlife?

(1:02:28) What drew Eric to Buddhism?

(1:05:03) Eric’s thoughtfulness

(1:08:08) “If you want a perfect spiritual teacher, find a dead one”

(1:12:23) What does Eric feels like he’s mastered / still learning?

(1:16:30) Connecting with Eric

Eric's Podcast – https://www.oneyoufeed.net/ Eric's Twitter – https://twitter.com/oneyoufeed

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