Why The Wolves Traded For Rudy Gobert


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On today's show we get into why the Timberwolves traded for Rudy Gobert. So much of the discourse in the days following the Gobert trade has been about why this was an overpay by the Wolves. But Wednesday's press conference introducing Gobert was the first time the Wolves's organization could comment on why they took this path that so many people seem to disagree with.

On Wednesday, Tim Connelly and Chris Finch got the chance to speak on the record for the first time since the trade went down. And they detailed why they believe this makes sense for them. So on today's show we parse those answers in an effort to better understand the Wolves process. Why Connelly thought this was an expensive but reasonable price to pay and why Finch believes he can make the Gobert fit not only work but thrive in Minnesota.

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