Britt Robson On The Wolves Offseason (Draft + Free Agency) and Andrew Wiggins Winning A Ring


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On today’s show, Dane is joined by Britt Robson of MinnPost to discuss the Timberwolves upcoming decision to be made in the draft and offseason, and to reflect on Andrew Wiggins and the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA championship. Topics include:

— Andrew Wiggins’s performance in the Finals and what his next contract might look like

— Which position (big/wing/guard) might the Wolves pursue with the No. 19 pick

— Why drafting a “big” would be the conservative move. The difference in drafting EJ Liddell versus Mark Williams or Walker Kessler

— Taking a higher upside swing on a wing or guard, and what the risk profile would be there

— Taurean Prince and the incumbent power forward options

— Some hypothetical D’Angelo Russell trades

— Comparing Jayson Tatum’s growth before and after playing with Kyrie Irving to Anthony Edwards’s growth playing with D’Angelo Russell

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