Looking Back On The Timberwolves Offseason


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On today’s show, Dane looks back on the Timberwolves offseason by taking listener questions on a handful of topics. Those topics include...

— D’Angelo Russell and his perception in the national media versus his actual impact on the team

— What does it mean to keep the “DLo salary slot”?

— How the NBA’s new television deal will impact the salary cap, and specifically how that cash infusion will impact the perception of the contracts of Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert, along with the impending contract extensions coming for Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels

— How much will the Wolves style of play evolve to looking something like the Jazz’s style of play?

— Which teams are the best playoff matchup for the Wolves?

— What player traded away in the Gobert deal would fit best on this current Wolves roster?

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