Zuckerberg Gaslights Self, The Fauci That Stole Xmas? 10.7.21


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In episode 1004, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss what Zuck had to say about the recent Facebook news, Jan. 6th witnesses are hoping to run out the clock, Havana syndrome sase for attack unravelling, the "war on Christmas", the Zodiac killer has NOT been identified and more!


  1. Zuck speaks: WOAH WOAH WOAH, that’s not the Facebook I KNOW!
  2. Jan 6 Witnesses are hoping to run out the clock…
  3. Havana Syndrome Case For Attack Unravelling
  4. The “War on Christmas” Has Started Early
  5. No, The Zodiac Killer Hasn’t Been Identified
  6. LISTEN: Khalil Blu- Runway Talk

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