Trump In A Slump? Van Damme Assists Jewel Heist? 7.30.21


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In episode 962, Miles and guest co-host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian Carl Tart to discuss Capitol Police arresting the maskless, fast-food and retail workers quitting in record numbers, Trump losing his touch as the kingmaker, the Tokyo shit show, Jean Claude Van Damme's connection to a jewel heist, and more!


  1. Capitol Police to arrest the maskless...unless you’re a member of Congress
  2. Changing Tides of Labor Vs. Capital?
  3. Trump was a Kingmaker I thought?
  4. Tokyo Shit Show - More athletes testing positive, Tokyo cases going way up
  5. Simone Biles and 'The Twisties'
  6. Jewel Heist in Paris somehow has a Jean Claude Van Damme connection
  7. Listen: Jennifer Lopez - Get RIght (Ekany Remix)

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