TOP NEWS | Kevin McCarthy Speaks About ‘Commitment to America’, Josh Hawley Calls out Google, Ron Johnson Asks YouTube to Explain Censorship Policies, Planned Parenthood Updates Website to Match Stacey Abrams’s Heartbeat Comment | Sept. 23


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On today’s Daily Signal Top News, we break down:

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks about the “Commitment to America” agenda in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, this Friday.
  • Sen. Josh Hawley asks Google to explain its “throttling” of crisis pregnancy centers’ online outreach.
  • Sen. Ron Johnson sends a letter to YouTube’s CEO demanding an explanation for the company’s “troubling track record” of censorship.
  • Planned Parenthood updates its website to match Stacey Abrams’s Thursday comments about fetal heartbeats “not existing” at six weeks.

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