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On Roy's Job Fair, Comedian Roy Wood Jr. (correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah) explores the human condition every week through the prism of employment. In this episode, WNBA Champion Candace Parker breaks down her WORST & FIRST jobs babysitting and discusses the steps parents should take when raising a gifted athlete. Then Roy sits down with high school basketball prodigy Jaylen Martin who quit his high school team to join a first-of-its-kind FOR PAY basketball/academic institution, Overtime Elite. Jaylen's mom, Kimberly, walks us through the calculations she made as a mother before allowing her son to pursue this alternate path to pro basketball that foregoes not only the NCAA but high school athletics all together. Finally, in the SCAM OF THE WEEK segement, ESPN Press Room veteran Robert "Scoop" Jackson discusses some of the wild goose chases he was sent on during his early days at ESPN. He also details how chasing an NBA dream itself can be a scam if the players aren't focused. Hear all new episode of Roy's Job Fair every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts.

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