Episode 164: The Great Gamer's Quiz Musical Showdown - 20 Secs to Guess!


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Video games are often loved as much for their sweet music as their (hopefully) engaging gameplay, a truth this particular episode is anxious to illustrate! 22 amazing tunes await the avid listener in what might be the most ambitious Great Gamer's Quiz yet! In 20 seconds (more-or-less), gamers will try to identify some legendary melodies. Or...they can simply kick back and enjoy the beautiful ballet at hand. And expect a few surprises...a certain a capella star might just pop up with a couple of his own scintillating renditions!
Thanks to decktonic.com for the theme music.
And thank you, Mr. Smooth McGroove, for providing the Net with such righteous renditions of everything retro! Check him out here: https://smoothmcgroove.bandcamp.com

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