Episode 161: Bubble Bobble Downsized and Done Right? The Classic Gets the Mini Treatment!


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The legendary arcade game comes home in miniature form courtesy of Numskull, the UK-based company specializing in everything retro. It's a slick-looking machine, too, but how well does it play? Is it worth the premium price? Mr. Pacario discusses the machine and the game within, then ponders the company itself--will Numskull keep producing these tiny replicas, or is it likely to leave this niche industry behind?
Pics of the Bubble Bobble machine can be seen here: https://www.destructoid.com/--624156.phtml#post
Thanks to YouTube's DJMykah and Miles' Games for the excellent Bubble Bobble remixes. And lastly, kudos to Decktonic.com for the great opening/closing chiptune!

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