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Rich Thaw is a Montreal-based strength and conditioning coach—and father of one. We riff on coaching and parenting. Rich also shares some programming tips for building athleticism at any age.


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Do Hard Things

Rich’s Choose Your Own Adventure Protocol

Choose 1 of each:

Cardio: 500 meter row; 250 meter ski erg; 400 meter run; 100 feet on Jacob’s Ladder

Lower body: 20 squats; 10 walking lunges (per leg); 20 deadlifts

Upper body: 15 push-press; 20 push-ups; 3-5 pull-ups; 10 dumbbells rows (per side)

Perform 3 sets for time.

Week 1: Take your time (but hurry up)

Week 2: Beat last week’s time at all costs

Week 3: Beat last week’s time at all costs OR battle someone else on their combo

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