243: The Dark Side of Boxing w/ Industry Heavyweight, Lou DiBella


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Lou DiBella, long-time veteran of the sports industry and founder of DiBella Entertainment, joins Joe and Carla to discuss his career as one of the most prominent promoters in the boxing industry. In an interview that casts light on the dark side of the industry, Lou wrestles with the current state of boxing and how his 32-year career has played out. Having been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2020, few others can offer the insight of a man who has sunk his blood, sweat, and tears into the business of one of the world's most prized combat sports. || @loudibella || The CUSP Show is a production by the faculty of Sports Management at Columbia University. You can get in touch with the program on Twitter @CU_SPS_Sports. Our presenters are Joe Favorito (@Joefav) and Tom Richardson (@ConvergenceTR). The show is produced by Tom Cerny (@Tom_Cerny19), Taylor DeBernardo '21 (@TDeBernardo33), and Ben Walsh '21, with Cameron Morris '21 (@CameronM0rr1s) managing social media efforts.

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