EP 12: Estate Planning & Being An Executor w/David Edey


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In EP 12 of The Curious Investor, Nicole Tanner chats with David Edie about the role of an executor, and his experience with navigating the death of a family member. David is a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) who has worked in the financial planning industry in Montreal for more than 35 years. He’s advised hundreds of clients, written over 200 articles about personal finance, and shared his expertise on radio and television myriad times.

David is not just an expert, he is someone who knows this topic inside and out from personal experience, having spent SEVEN years and $50,000 in lawyer fees to come to an agreement with siblings over his parents’ estate, and a who has written a book that deals with his family’s situation in working through a will.

Nicole's passion and curiosity for investing in real estate began early but has shown up in almost every stage of life. Watching her Dad develop raw land as a personal past-time. Nicole's business spans all aspects of Commercial Real Estate and she has led transactions of all complexity in the areas of industrial, office, retail, multi-family, leasing and land development. Tune in as she lets her curiosity drive every episode to explore each guest's journey in the world of commercial real estate.

Contact David: https://www.davidedey.com

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