Episode 53 - Brandon Sanderson's Rhythm of War Release Party - Part Three


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In this episode we have the final audio clip from the Rhythm of War Release Party from November 2021.

Brandon starts off by talking about his charity, the Lightweaver Foundation and that his sister, Jane is in charge of that. Jane talks about what to look for in the future from the Lightweaver Foundation. Make sure you check out their website for more info, www.lightweaver.org.

Brandon answers some fan questions:

  • What will you do after Cosmere is finished?
  • In regards to Wit and his stories, how do they relate across the different books?
  • With the structure of the Cosmere - is being tweaked and changed as you move forward?

Brandon talks about the risk of burnout and how he manages it. He talks about what he calls the "Brandon almost goes insane Era" during 2007-2015 - when he wrote 3 Wheel of Time books, 2 Stormlight Archive books, and other books too.

Brandon then reads from a story he had on his website for awhile, I Hate Dragons, an unfinished novel from the early 2010’s.

There are more questions from fans that he answers:

  • What is the longest amount of time you've spent writing in one sitting while writing this series?
  • What culture inspired the Horneaters?
  • What’s your favorite and perhaps lesser known fantasy series?
  • Since metal born siblings can end up with different powers, what about twins?
  • What are the most surprising reactions from fans about the characters you've created?
  • Out of all the characters created which one do you personify/relate the most with?
  • How do you balance your already established series' with the new series you’re creating?

Brandon then spends time talking about his writing future and how he will manage it going forward as there are a lot of stories left to tell.

And finally, he reads from the unnamed (it won’t be Seventh of the Dusk) sequel to Sixth of the Dusk - which takes place during the Space Age of the Cosmere. He states that we won’t see these ideas for awhile, and they are not yet canon.

End of Release Party

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