Episode 52 - Brandon Sanderson's Rhythm of War Release Party Part Two


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Part Two of audio from Brandon Sanderson's Release Party for Book Four of The Stormlight Archive: The Rhythm of War.

We hear from one of the artists of the series - Isaac Stewart.

Isaac talks about the design process for the cover of the book featuring Shallan and Shadesmar. He talks about the collaborative process with Ben McSweeney and Michael Whelan as they created the cover art.

There is also audio from an interview with Michael Whelan about his part in the creation of the cover art. (about 22:40 mins)

Isaac talks about the creation of the different Radiant spren and the collaboration with Ben McSweeney. (27:45 )

Isaac brings up the creation of the end covers inside the book. The came up the ideas about drawing the Heralds and how they came up with idea for the 10 Heralds and commissioning the art to different artists. (32:00)

The artist, Howard Lyon , discusses the creation process for the Herald's Pailiah and Kalak. (35:25) You can see the artwork on Howard's website.

There is audio from a video that was pre-recorded for the release party featuring the artist, Magali Villeneuve, who also created original artwork of the Heralds Pailiah and Kalak. (40:10)

Isaac talks about the backend papers that were created by Karla Ortiz. She created prints for Nale - the Herald of Justice, and Chanarach - the Herald of the Order of the Dustbringers. You can see the prints on her website and also order your own copies! Click on the above links to see them. (43:45)

Isaac talks about the creation of the art depicting the atrium of Urithiru and the new viewpoint icons. (52:20)

Dan Dos Santos drew the fashion plates artwork for the book. There is audio from a video with Dan Dos Santos. (54:30)

Isaac talks about how Kelly Harris created the Navani sketchbook artwork. (1:00)

Isaac talks about the creation of the maps for this book and how it relates to Dr. Who. (1:01:50)

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