76. Finding Joy Regardless of Circumstance with Emma Grant


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Finding Joy Regardless of Circumstance with Emma Grant

Episode #76

Emma Grant: 54

4 offspring: 19,16,14,12

Grew up in Scotland, S Wales, London.

Varied career: stage manager in London, proofreader in New York, cherry picker in France, goose scarer and nursery teacher on the Isle of Coll, project manager and fundraiser for charities in Oban.

Love theatre, reading, gardening, djembe drumming, qi gong, meditating, learning. Love being a mum.

Working as coach, therapist, holder of space for meditation.

I’m on the path of the heart.

You'll Learn:

How to shift when your childhood is a roller coaster

Emma’s story of being raised in a cult

The Importance of meeting the dark and light parts of the self


Surrendering Control


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