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It’s spooky season on The Craft Brewers’ Creative and Jenna is taste testing some Halloween themed beers. Does pumpkin belong in beer? Is that really Jenna’s dog in the background or is her apartment haunted? And can an entire can of beer just disappear into thin air? Listen in to find out.


Haunted House - Allagash Brewing Company

Dark Ale - 6.66% ABV

Doomed by a love of pitch-black Porters and our Allagash House Beer, we summoned the recipe for Haunted House. Roasted Barley and Blackprinz malt curse this beer with a gravely dark hue. Hopped with Crystal, Chinook, and Saaz hops, this beer ends with a ghost of coffee-flavored bitterness and hauntingly complex malty palate.

PSL - Pumpkin Spice Latte - 3 Sons Brewing Co.

Pumpkin / Yam Beer - 8.5% ABV

Our seasonal & infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte inspired Ale. PSL is loaded with a combination of coffee, pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

How Now Brown Cow w/ Pumpkin Spice - Aslin Beer Company

Stout - Milk / Sweet - 6% ABV

This iteration of our delectable Milk Stout packs a punch of pumpkin & a creamy vanilla finish! Rich aromas of a fall evening ready for those cool, cozy days ahead. Afterglow Shimmer - 1 of Us Brewing Co.

Sour - Fruited Gose - 4% ABV

Beware the night prowler, he’s all dolled up and ready to howl at the moon. Mango Peach marshmallow Slushy Gose, so good you’ll want to join the beast.


‘I didn’t buy it expecting to like it’

‘Oh, it’s called Brown Cow and those are udders!’

‘How did I lose a beer! This apartment is empty!’



Jenna Steele fell in love with the craft beer industry while studying hospitality at Cornell University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration. In one of her courses, she was able to try countless craft beers, from across the US, in every style. Though the beer was good, the can art stood out. She wanted to know more about how the cans came to be.

Jenna's love for craft beer is primarily due to beers and breweries' creative and visual elements. Got cool can designs? Heck yeah.

After working in finance for a couple of years, Jenna returned to her love of craft beer. She wanted to hear the stories behind can names and designs, brewers' backgrounds, breweries, and hear from label artists themselves. So, she took it upon herself to start The Craft Brewers' Creative under her Craft brand, Beer Can Lover.

On The Craft Brewers' Creative, Jenna interviews brewers, graphic designers, marketing managers, creative directors, owners, and everyone in between about themselves and the beers they bring alive.

You can find Jenna and her craft beer content on Instagram @beercanlover

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