Mobility = Longevity! -with Emeril McCutcheon


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You weight train!
You run!
You consider yourself and athlete!
Maybe you’ve done a couple Ironman Triathlons?
Yet, I bet you can’t do some of the work that Emeril McCutcheon teaches as an Exercise and Movement Professional.
So, what is so important about this type of exercise and movement?
Functional movement … also known as, “Vitamin M”
Maintains joint adaptability, versatility, and flexibility… the bottom line is:
Mobility = Longevity.
Understanding this concept helps to preserve joint range of motion, and the neurological connection between the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and your BRAIN!
Those of you who think you’re an athlete or are in good shape, try working some of your intrinsic muscles, the small ones that are responsible for long term joint health and protection.
Falls among the elderly can be fatal, or at the very least, debilitating and reduce the quality of your life.
Emeril’s work is very challenging! It prepares you for “real world” movement. The type of actions that you do everyday, or can’t, because you lose your balance, have no strength, or get injured.
His clients consist of pro athletes to overweight, old folks, or those rehabbing from injuries or surgeries.
Today’s podcast will share and show the listeners (viewers) how to maximize what they do or what they want to do safely and efficiently.
Emeril is one of the more comprehensively complete trainers in the industry. He’s hugely empathetic and relatable! You will love him!

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